The growing concern for the environment has brought about a style based on using recycled materials to make furniture, accessories and finishes for the home. People are finally beginning to see their impact on the environment and wildlife due to the massive amounts of waste accumulating in the sea, urban areas and countless landfills.  On top of that logging of habitats and the harmful emissions produced every day add to continuous damage to the world we live in. This not-all-that-new idea of recycling and reviving items creates less pollution, waste and deforestation and a better place for everyone to live in.

A material that has been used, broken down and made into a new product classifies a recycled item, however this style extends to old, broken and/or seemingly useless items that have been revived or ‘upcycled’ into superior products. In architecture this style is explored with recycled building materials and renovations of old buildings such as barns and churches into tasteful eco-friendly homes.


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D.I.Y (do it yourself) craft projects are becoming more and more popular in design magazines and blogs. Projects that involve glass jars, plastic spoons, popsicle sticks and other items normally considered rubbish are popping up all over the internet. They provide unexpected recycling (and crafting!) opportunities for anybody, anywhere – for example ‘Recycled Glass Light’ by Gus and Bogus pictured below.


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Recycled and Revived style is about preservation, creativity and caring – three elements that have always been a very special part of human nature. We need to preserve what we already have instead of throwing away what some consider beautiful treasures. Rifle through the ‘junk’ people put on their verges, swing past your local antique stores and op-shops or have a go at crafting your own pieces of art for your home. Help save the world one household item at a time.